Can I bring a bicycle with me on County Connection?

No, bicycles are not allowed on County Connection Vehicles.

Do I have to bring my own child seat for my children?

Yes, County Connection does not provide child seats. You must have a car seat to travel with a baby/child.

Do I have to pay the fare for an aide riding with my disabled relative?

No, One aide per ADA verified customer rides for free with customer.

Why do I see County Connection buses sitting idle during business hours?

Scheduled breaks or sometimes it is not cost effective to drive back to the bus garage on M-20 if its a 10 - 15 minute wait for a pick up in that general area.

Can I set up rides three months in advance?

Yes, you can set up rides up to a year in advance.

Can County Connection pick me up at one spot in the City of Midland and take me to another spot in the city?

No, City to City rides are provided by Midland Dial-a-Ride (989) 837-6940.